Afrelle Braid Styles


This video show the method of fixing different styles of Hair extension using synthetic hair fibre, synthetic braids, or 100% Human Hair. We provide these services at zizibeauty, Colwyn bay, Conwy, North Wales





Long Single plaits braids. ...well mixed together colours 613, 33, 24







Single plaits hair braids..colour 613 With blue,

and pink highlights. client's choice   






Super long braids. ...ombre







Super long braids. ...colour 6, 613, and 27....







Twists. colour 27...client's choice







Twists. colour 27...client's choice








Long single plaits and cornrows in front







Super long braids. ..grey








Full head wavy hair braids. .. .colour 1







Crochet braids








Colour 27 and burgundy. ...twists braids                   








Colour 4, and burgundy. Midium braids



Cornrow by Zizibeauty




Cornrow curly updo







Cornrows, Colour to match client's hair








Cornrows Ghana braids Cornrows







Cornrows on short hair















Ghana braids Cornrows







Ghana braids Cornrows
















Cornrows by Zizi                                                







Cornrows by Zizibeauty